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Facial Rejuvenation » Hydra Fill® Dermal Fillers

"The instant solution for lines, wrinkles, lip enhancement and facial contouring."

  • Are there lines and wrinkles on your face that you don't like?
  • Do you want an instant solution?
  • Can you spare 30-45 minutes for your initial treatment?
  • Do you want a safe treatment that has been proven effective?
  • Do you want a treatment that requires minimal recuperation time?
  • Can you spare 30 minutes every 6 months or so for a top-up treatment?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you could be the perfect candidate for the Hydra Fill range of products.

Treatment is as easy and quick as getting your hair done, it’s as affordable as a new outfit and the results are immediate and amazing!

How wrinkles form
Your skin is constantly under attack. Each day you are exposed to an assault of wind, sun, cold and pollution. In addition, fatigue, emotional changes, hormonal swings and simply the passage of time can take their toll on your skin. These internal and external attacks combine to weaken your skin’s structure and appearance.

The skin’s structure deteriorates at the level of the dermis; the deeper living layer of the skin. When vital components of the dermis such as collagen fibres, elastin and hyaluronic acid become less abundant, the dermis is weakened, causing a noticeable impact on the appearance of the skin.

The role of hyaluronic acid and Hydra Fill
The hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in your skin, plays an important role in moisturising the skin and helps to give it elasticity and tone. It is the fundamental matter in which the collagen fibres and elastin are immersed. It is a reduction in the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin over time which contributes to skin aging.

Hydra Fill is similar to the hyaluronic acid found in skin. Injected into the dermis, it replenishes the natural hyaluronic acid and hydrates the dermis by imprisoning the water molecules and giving back to the skin its volume and initial form. In this way ageing lines are quickly reduced and the lip border instantly lifted and increased, so helping to preserve and restore a youthful looking skin.

Treatment with Hydra Fill
Hydra Fill is suitable for all skin types. After a personalized consultation and diagnosis, your practitioner will propose the most suitable treatment for you. Hydra Fill is available in three formulations, depending on the types and severity of wrinkles to be treated.

The treatment itself takes only 15 to 30 minutes and involves injecting the Hydra Fill into the dermis with a very fine needle, typically only a few millimetres beneath the surface of the skin. The process is usually painless although an anaesthetic may sometimes be used for increased comfort.

In the hours following injection, small red marks or slight swelling may appear temporarily. The beneficial results are visible immediately and last around 6 to 9 months as the Hydra Fill is absorbed naturally over time. To maintain the benefits simply pop into your practitioner about once or twice a year and pamper yourself with a quick Hydra Fill makeover. Being naturally-based and biocompatible, Hydra Fill is very safe.

See Before & After photographs and read FAQs on Hydra Fill®.
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